What Makes Guys and Girls Hot with Raina Seitel

What Makes Guys and Girls Hot with Raina Seitel





Glam up from powdered nail polish to silicone sponges that are more hygienic and use
less product to down to the right socks and toiletries. It’s a new season- the best
reason, for adding new trends to your repertoire! Your wardrobe and vanity table are in
need of a major overhaul from items that helped your summer…ahem sweaty self, to
items that will keep you cozy through the winter months.

Style expert Raina Seitel is here with the latest in style Do’s and Don’ts for guys
and gals.

Don’t blow out your hair; it’s time to keep strands hydrated and opt for that lived in
French girl mane. And don’t contour; it’s better for work and play when you’re not
looking like an Instagram teenager. For guys DO let that shirt hang out and DO have fun
with fall accessories! Raina will show and tell the looks that make guys and girls hot.